Pocket World Maps

Grab Pocket World Maps and view a collection of large high quality maps easily by scrolling and zooming.


- Large high quality maps of:
** Africa
** Antarctic
** Arctic
** Asia
** Southeast Asia
** Middle East
** Oceania
** Europe
** North America
** Central America
** South America
** United States

- Easy viewing
- Scroll in any direction
- Zoom in and out
- Take screen shots
- No Internet Connection Required. The maps are installed into your iPhone/iPod on purchase.
- Use the entire screen of your iPhone/iPod to view the maps.

How to use

- Selecting a Map: Slide your thumb along the map list. A Click sound will indicate a selected map. Press the "View selected map" button to load the map.

- Going back to the map selection screen: Shake the device up and down.

- Navigate: Place your thumb on the screen. Slide your thumb in the direction you want to navigate.

- Zoom in: Place your 2 thumbs on the screen. Gently move your thumbs away from each other.

- Zoom out: Place your 2 thumbs on the screen. Gently move your thumbs towards each other.

- Take a picture of your current screen: Briefly hold down the power button on the top of your device. While it's down, press the Home button (The button on the front of your device). The image will be saved in your photo album.

Grab your Pocket World Maps today!

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