iPhone SDK Developing and App Submission Tips (Xcode, Cocoa)

Random tips on developing

Random tips on submitting your first application

  • Add a loading screen to your app easily! Just add a 320x480 or 480x320 png file to your project. Name the image Default.png
  • Making a provision profile can be a pain. Follow the instructions on iPhone Dev Center - Apple Developer Connection carefully.
    One of the things that is commonly missed is to set the same bundle ID in your info.plist file and provision profile.
  • The following images will be required.
    o A 57x57 png icon, rounding and shine will be added automatically.
    You can remove the shine by adding the following lines in your info.plist file.
    UIPrerenderedIcon o A 512x512 tiff/JPEG image.
    o Up to 4 screen shots of your app, you can take these by holding the power button and then pressing home button on your device.
  • For non-US Developers, a "Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding" form (W-8BEN) form will need to be completed. Follow the instructions in iTunes connect.
  • For Australian Developers, you'll be required to upload your ABN and GST certificates in iTunes Connect.
  • For developers residing outside of Japan, a Japanese tax treaty form will need to be completed if you want to sell your apps in Japan. The form can be downloaded in iTunes Connect.
  • Applications using encryption to protect data or information security purposes will require a "A copy of the commodity classification ruling (CCATS) confirming classification of the Product under ECCN 5D992." More information can be found here: U. S. Bureau of Industry and Security - Encryption Guidance
  • Compile your application with version 2.0 when possible. This will broaden ur potential buyers as some users have not upgraded to the latest version.
  • The app store currently supports 7 languages. Localizing your app for these languages may increase your potential market.
  • Localization folder names for each country.
    o English - en.lprog
    o Dutch - nl.lprog
    o French - fr.lprog
    o German - de.lprog
    o Italian - it.lprog
    o Spanish - es.lprog
    o Japanese - jp.lprog
  • Make sure your application name is not trademarked. Search around before you choose an app name, there are many cases where developers have had to change their application name due to trademark issues.
  • As soon as you get the email titled "Your application status is Ready for Sale‏", go straight to iTunes Connect and edit your applications Availability date under the Prices tab. This will ensure your app appears on the top of the latest released list.