MyMemoryMad - How Smart Are You?

MyMemoryMad 1.2 Screen Shots


MyMemoryMad is the Ultimate Brain Test which challenges your memory and allows you to compete with players from around the world.

Which category do you fall under?

1. Absolute Genius
2. Superior Brain
3. Quite Bright
4. Just Average
5. Not Very Smart
6. Borderline Moron
7. Brainless Zombie

Take the Brain Test and find out now!


  • An addictive Brain Test that anyone can take.
  • Challenge yourself with your friends, family, colleagues and players from around the world.
  • Get in the global Hall of Fame and gain bragging rights!
  • Improve your memory, and become the next Einstein.

How to play

  • Players are required to remember and repeat a sequence of flashes.
  • The game comprises of five colored buttons. Each button produces a different sound as they flash.
  • Level 1: One random button will flash. The player will need to repeat the flash by touching the button.
  • Level 2: Two random buttons will flash in a sequence. The player will need to repeat the sequence by pressing the buttons in the order they flashed.
  • The game will continue with an additional random button flashing for each subsequent level.
  • Gain a high score and save it in the Hall of Fame. Have your name listed for the world to see.

Hall of Fame

  • Players will be able to save their scores.
  • The Top 80 scores from around the world will be listed in the Hall of Fame.


  • Goto the settings menu to enter your name. This name will appear in the Hall of Fame.
  • An internet connection is required to view the Hall of Fame and save scores.

Contact us

Email: contact(at)iphonemobileapps(dot)com


"MyMemoryMad is a great and fun game that helps pass the time. If you think you have a quick mind and want to compare it to others, or if you want to boost your memorization, this game is for you"